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vintage postage
Our postage comes in individual packs, each with enough postage to mail one envelope.
Contact us for pricing for large quantities or custom requests.

44 cents random mix - $1.75 + shipping
44 cent color packs - $2.00 plus shipping
68 cent color packs - $3.00 plus shipping
44 cent Christmas packs (religious or non-religious) $1.75
Custom Packages available upon request.
common themes: environment, women, patriotic, etc

hand addressing
We offer hand addressing of envelopes, place cards, etc.

Fine Penmanship:
$1.50 Outer
$.75 Inner

$2.25 Outer
$1 Inner

Full Service Mailing is $.75

Turnaround for most jobs is 2 weeks.
Lists must be WORD LABEL FORMAT (easy mail merge from EXCEL)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith
123 Main Street
Apartment 234
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
Joe and Susan (if there is an inner envelope)

wax seals
$1.00 per invitation for standard seals and colors. Custom seals or wax colors additional

full service mailing
Let us do all the work. You drop off your invitations, and we take care of all the details.

Stuff, Stamp application, Sealing and mailing .75 per invitation (in addition to other service prices)